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Who We Are.

At Brick + Bev, we are dedicated to creating incredible experiences, anchored by industry-altering entertainment and exceptional hospitality.

     Hospitality and entertainment management 

     Hospitality and entertainment consulting 



We are passionate about the experiences we create for our guests and our team members.  We drive each other to raise the bar and to be unique.


We fervently appreciate our team and our guests, recognizing

the sacrifice and commitment

they have made to spend

their time with us. 


Above all, the journey and the experience must be fun.  It’s the fundamental ingredient that keeps it all moving forward.

Our Mission.

    To create incredible experiences by combining industry-altering entertainment and exceptional hospitality.

    To forge a reputation in our communities by extending our fervent appreciation to all.

    To build a passionate team strengthened by meaningful relationships,
celebrating individual exceptionalism, and having fun.

We provide a super suite of services for entertainment and hospitality to include:

Hospitality Design + Branding and Brand Development + Menu Development and Engineering


If you chase amazing, you'll catch amazing.

Our Team.

Brick + Bev is led by an eclectic team of experts with incredibly diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, boasting over 170 years of collective experience.


Jake Miller

Lead Singer


James Heffner

General Counsel


Luke Pope

Chief Financial Officer


Jimmy Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Taylor Gray.jpg

Taylor Gray

Development Advisor

Sydnee Picha.jpg

Sydnee Picha

Director of Marketing


Jill Metherd

Director of Sales

Anthony Matteo Pic 1_edited.jpg

Anthony Matteo

Director of Activation


Dixon Greenwood

Strategic Advisor

Korey Jones

Korey Jones

Culture Specialist 

Our Culture.

We believe in the power of our people and always respecting their passions and commitments outside of work. We build our success focusing on teamwork while always celebrating individual exceptionalism and having fun.


Most importantly, we recognize that every team member and every guest is part of their own GREATER SYSTEM that consists of their families, friends, and passions in life. We acknowledge at every moment, the sacrifice they make of this GREATER SYSTEM to commit their time and talents with us.


With a fervent appreciation of their GREATER SYSTEM, we owe them an incredible experience.

We embrace the debt of gratitude we have for every guest and team member for this commitment…a commitment that is bigger than dollars or their perceived contribution. In return, we owe them all something amazing, all the time.

We believe that this fervent appreciation for one another will always lead to great results and that no one person’s GREATER SYSTEM is more important than that of another.

Get in Touch.

3660 Market St, Suite 200

St. Louis, MO 63110

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